CS6000 F18: Introduction to CS Research Methods

Computer Science Research Methods
This course is an introduction to Computer Science Research Methods and a survey of those methods applied in various subfields of Computer Science. The course Lead by T. Boult as the course director; many other faculty will be giving lectures on their own research area.

The course material is mostly in Canvas, but I will be posting some items here. The class will be an online-in class hybrid. If you want to get a head start, the videos from the 2017 version of the course can be found on my youtube channel.

The class assignments will be weekly reading and writing assignments. There will also be a weekly journal on your learning.

Writing assignments 25%, Oral Presentations 15%, Class participation and/or online discussion is 20% of the grade, weekly journal 20%, Experimental Design Assignment 10%, Cloud assignment 10%

The objectives of this course are for you to gain an understanding of :

Tools for paper and experiment handling (git, latex, zotero, etc..)

How to effectively read CS research papers

How to effectively write a research paper

How to effectively write a thesis proposal

How to effectively present research papers

How to design an experiment and to the statistical analysis of experimental data.

Basic usage of cloud computing for CS research.

and appreciation for and understanding of different subfields of CS and their approaches to CS research,

There are no required books, just lots of required reading.

Dr. Boult’s office hours are Monday 11-1 in EAS 174. You can email for other appointment times.