Photohead Software Downloads

The software below is the in house tools developed or modified to suit our needs with the photohead data collections. All the software is free to download. Keep in mind this is code used for researcher so there are many quit hacks and bugs in the software you may come across. We obviously want to improve the software so please send any questions, bugs, comments, suggestions, code fixes, etc to

Display Downloads

4D Photohead Software

This is the software used in our recent photohead publications to display the synthetic PIE dataset. Currently it only runs on Linux. It uses the GLUT, OpenGL and DevIL libraries. There is an issue with later DevIL libraries so we have included .deb and .rpm files of the version 1.6.8 which is the latest one that we have tested that works. It supports .OBJ 3D file format. It also allow for simple scripted animations of the head and lighting using a key frame file. There is also a script to generate barcode files if you wish to use them to identify the image. Eventually we will finish adding network synchronization to the code to aid us in upcoming captures of a larger databases as we are currently generating more 3D models.  

Latest 4D Photohead Source Download

Image Display Software

While we currently have no released datasets using the image display software, we will eventually be releasing a re-imaged dataset based on the FERET dataset. This software supports multiple image types (bmp,gif,png,jpg,pgm,pnm,pbm). It also supports network synchronization with our Canon capture program. This program runs in windows only.

Image display Installer package

Latest Image display source

Capture Downloads

For our capture of the current datasets being release we used a Canon 7D to capture images. For controlling the camera we used a modified version of the example program the comes with their freely available SDK. Since the SDK is windows based we didn’t have the option of making a Linux version. This software should work with most of Canon’s high end cameras although we make no guarantees. The only other camera we have tested with is the 5D.  

We added multiple new capture modes, such as being able to alternate capturing between 2 cameras to increase capture speed. However the most useful of course being the network synchronization with the display program. Currently only the Image display software supports this feature but eventually the 3D Photohead display software will be able to.

Latest Capture Windows Executable

Latest Capture Source Zip