Photoheads is a concept created by Dr. Terry Boult to create datasets by re-imaging synthetic data, such as images. Using synthetic data allows for datasets to be captured in situations where using human subjects would be difficult or not feasible. Our latest work extends the photohead concept by re-imaging 3D head models. The 3D models are displayed on a high power projector and then re-imaged at long distances (81 and 214 meters). For more details on our latest work please refer to our AMFG 2010 and BTAS 2010 papers. The goal of this page is not only to provide access to the datasets from our published papers but also new datasets as we create them.


As stated in our BTAS 2010 paper we would like to release the datasets used. However the datasets are partially restricted due to the license of the dataset they are based on. Eventually we would like to create datasets that have no license restrictions.

To obtain our partially restricted datasets one must present proof of license of the original dataset. For example our first dataset release is based off the well known PIE dataset. People interested in the this dataset would have to show proof of license for the original PIE dataset. Once this is verified access would be granted to download all datasets based on PIE. For information regarding dataset access contact us at

Synthetic PIE Dataset Documentation

Photohead Dataset Downloads.


In addition to releasing our datasets we also want to make available some of the software we use to enable the community to create their own datasets, as well as provide feedback and improvements for our the software itself.

Photohead Software Downloads.