SEE Port

SEE Port: Surveillance and Enemy Evaluation with PTZ and Omni-directional Reconnaissance Technology
Subcontract on a ONR Phase II SBIR to Remote Reality Inc

The SEE PORT project will be providing basic research in support of mast-mounted and shipboard surveillance. Of particular focus will be detection and tracking of surface vessels to support fusion with acoustic tracking for torpedoes/small craft. The proposed work includes three main components, mosaicing-based continuous tracking, target-location prediction for PTZ control, and appearance-based re-identification of targets. These topics will be explored using a mixture of omni-directional sensors for wide-area detection and PTZ sensors for target assessment.

Situational Awareness and Threat Detection

A boat or ship has many threats to its safety when it is traveling on the water. There are other boats, whales or obstacles that might cause a collision. Ships have collided with icebergs, wind power generators, bridges and many other reasonably stationary objects. In a time of war, there could be other vessels that it could engage in battle with. Observing the surrounding environment and the behavior of other nearby vessels is an important part of the safety of a boat or ship. This project is to build a model for threat assessment. (Read the rest of this here)