CS2060: Programming with C

Summer 2013


Instructor: Abhijit Bendale, PhD Student (abendale@vast.uccs.edu)

Schedule/Time/Location: Tue/Th 1:40 pm - 4:20 pm, ENGG 105

Office Hours: Tue/Th 11:40 am - 1:40 pm

Class Size: 21

Course Prerequisite: CS1150 Principles of Computer Science (Programming in Java)

Target Audience: Freshman (first year undergraduate) students from Computer Science department or undergraduate students from other departments

Texbook: (Recommended but not required): C Programming Language, Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie Prentice Hall (2nd Ed)

Course Content: The purpose of this course is to teach Computer Science students to use pointers and addressing using the C programming language.

Attendence: Computer Science Department Policy Students in 100 and 200 level CS courses can have at most four absences, after which they would lose at least one letter grade. Attendance is taken for all 100 and 200 level CS classes. The Computer Science department policy is for every 2 missed classes; your grade is reduced by one letter grade.

Assignments: Assignments are due by 11:00 pm on the due date. Assignments should be emailed to instructor on abendale@uccs.edu. Please follow the guidelines mentioned in the class for submitting assignments. 20% grade will be deducted for each day of late submission. No make-up assignment will be given.

Grading: Finals 25%, Midterm 15%, Quizzes 20% and Homework 40%. Assignments are not equally weighted.


  1. Introduction to C Programming
  2. Data types and loops
  3. Loops, Commandline Arguments
  4. Arrays, Introduction to Pointers
  5. Pointers and Structures
  6. Dynamic Memory Allocation
  7. Linked Lists
  8. C Preprocessor, Header Files and Organizing C Code
  9. Stacks and Problem Solving in C