CS601 Intellectual Property, Patenting and Tech. Transfer in Engineering <p>Online-course Fall 2007 T. Boult
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CS601 Intellectual Property, Patenting and Tech. Transfer in Engineering

Online-course Fall 2007

Terrance Boult

Online-course Fall 2007
Basically Asyncronous Online course with 3-5 guest lectures on campus with maybe live broadcast.
All syncronous events and exams Monday and/or Wed 5:50 - 7.
Campus Location TBD (Depends where we can film).

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Prof. Terry Boult
Phone : 719 262 3510 (office)     719 262 3900 (lab)   719 963 0573 (cell)
Email :
Office Hours : TBD
Office Location : Monday Eng 174 11-12am (lab)
Guests: The only real "lectures" will have guest speakers/lawyers who will lead the discussion of issues.

Course Objective

The objectives of this course are to investigate technology transfer and intellectual property issues with an emphasis on engineering and IT technologies. The course structure will be based readings including the text, papers and many patents. Students will be involved with a term-long project developing a provisional patent, will write critiques of patents, and licenses. Students will be expected to work asyncronously with activities at least 2-3 times a week and should set aside the MW 5:50-7:05 time for online activies as we will have online chats and/or teleconferences. There will be online quizes/test during some of the "class" times.

Secondary objectives include:


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