CS 601 Shared reading list

Reading, Reviewing papers, and Good advice (But you don't have to review this).

Michael J. Hanson (updated and re-typeset by Dylan McNamee)
"Efficient Reading of Papers in Science and Technology"

Class 2: Economics of IP

Class 3: Introduction and Hisotry PATENTS

Class 4 (Feb 14): Getting into Patents and searching

Class 5 : Patents and claims

Class 6 : Tech Transfer process

Class 7 (Mar 1):

Class 7/8 :

Class 9:

Provisional patents distriuted by email/ecollege.

Class 10 :

Chapters 4-7 of book, and review 2 patents related to your project.

Class 11:

Basic Copyright Law

Class 12 :

Guest Lecture on copyright issues, Copyright analys. Project Disussions

Reading TBD

  • Sony v. Universal City Studios, 464 US 417 (1984)
  • Napster v. A&M Records, No. 00-16401 (9th Cir. 2001)
  • Home Recording Rights Coalition Summary of the Audio Home Recording Act (1992)
  • Trademark Issues in Cyberspace: The Brave New Frontier." + Project Presentations