A Responce to the student response to my tenure poems

by T. Boult

From my recent poem on tenure
 I though everyone would see.
I pointed just one finger, 
 which was aimed back at me.
I was given proper advice,
 which I choose to ignore.
I don't think the department
 could have supported me more.

``Is there an appeal?", I've been asked, 
 ``Can't the department protest?''
Well it 's very clear to me that
 they have all done their best.
The ``no'' was not from here,
 but from the school wide ad hoc.
So don't complain to Zvi,
 if you feel that it 's a crock.

For those of you that feel
 the decision is somehow unfair
It is too late for me now,
 but still show the school that you care.
For if you feel what happened here
 is a sham or a shame,
remember that if you let it happen again
  you'll share in their blame.

It is a pity, there's no doubt,
  when an injustice is done
but it borders on total travesty
  when it is not the first one.
Whenever you see a problem, 
  don't just sit idly by,
at least make your feelings known,
  to the powers on high.

Or take my lead, get involved
 change the things that you can.
Dwell not upon your personal gain,
 but of the benefit of man.
Set an  example for others to follow
 by the way that you live.
Good teaching and good science are the 
 gifts you have to give.

Because I was denited tenure,
 some now question academic life
But I think that it's more important than anything
 except, of course, my wife.
To seek the truth and pass it on
 is such a noble cause
We must forgive (but not forget)
 if it occasionally shows some flaws.