A few thoughts on thoughts

By Terry Boult

Thoughts are what we think, or so is taught
by those that think their thoughts are more profound.
And yet, I think, sometimes we think without much thought
at all.  For people keep doing stupid things, at least so I have found.

Sometimes we think the thoughts
we think, have meanings that are deep;
The truth be that these thoughts
mean little more, than those we think asleep.

Sometimes we think that these deep thoughts 
are so new, they must be thoughts unthought by any other human.
To those that have this thought
here is a thought to help, if it can:

Though every thought is some part new, 
too few are totally such.  For every though
most ever think is a thought like other's thoughts, save in a different guise. 
Few great minds lived that though new 
thoughts and fewer live today. But when one learns to think the thoughts 
that reshape thoughts that other think, well, then one is though of as wise.