When on my desk I see your smile

By Terry Boult

When on my desk I see your smile
it always lifts my heart,
for even though we are apart
it's only for a while.

The years have been quite kind to you.
Your figure 's still a ten!
My passions burn as hot as when
our love was still brand new.

But it is more than chemistry
that makes me feel this way;
I long to hear your voice and say
how much you mean to me.

I look in to those eyes so deep
and trouble melts away.
Although alone throughout the day
we meet in dreams asleep.

The dreams are not of lust and heat
but of a simple walk.
You smile and giggle as we talk.
You make me feel complete.
Let's face the waves of life my dear
and view it as a ride,
and if we take things side by side
there is nothing we should fear.

This time away has made me dwell
on where my future leads
and first upon my list of needs
is making our love swell

The "desktop" was my laptop background desktop image of my wife Ginger. This was written on a solo trip to Australia a month before our 20th anniversary.