To My Mother

by Terrance Boult

The desert sands have seen grand dames but the grandest they ever did see
was your friend, my mother, a soul like no other, the beautiful Marti B.
We are gathered together to pay our respects and to bid her fond adieu.
Though a eulogy cannot do justice to the woman we all knew
The lessons I learned when I was young are things I don't recall,
But Mom, I know, was always there in the center of it all.
She instilled in me the "little" things on which my life is built:
Courage, compassion, laughter and drive, with a sprinkling of guilt.

She taught me how to tie my shoes and taught me to stand tall
She taught me that to really live means giving it your all
She kept me sharp and on my toes; she pushed me to excel
And gave to me a love of words, as if you couldn't tell
She gave us all security, by always being there.
She didn't always agree with you but you could feel her care
She gave us all sincerity and our sense of wrong from right
Yet she would stay up worrying if we were late at night.

She was the keeper of the clan, and could tell a picture's story.
You know that she was proud of us, and reveled in our glory.
She had a way of reaching out that kept us all in touch
She helped enriched so many lives, we'll miss her oh so much. 

So boundless was her selfless love and gigantic was her heart,
Her daughter's class all called her Mom and boy she fit the part.
She had a way of making friends no matter where she'd go
In a checkout line, or a round of golf -- more friends she 'd get to know 

She usually made such an impression at any type of party.
Our high school friends would drop on by, to visit just with Marti.
She held her own out on the floor; she loved to cut a rug.
And treated everyone as friends, and each one got a hug.

President of the Ladies Club, she made friends and got things done.
Always working at her game, even after her hole in one.
With her flair, her smile, her caring eyes, there should be no doubt.
That like a bundle of energy, giving 's what she was about
She really loved to play group games, even if she'd often loose
She was always ready to play again, any game that you might choose
Her gambling luck defied all odds, and she usually kept her wits
And she had a knack for turning twenty, into quite a stack of chits.

When people say they knew my Mom, I know I'll see them smile
For she always had a joke to tell or a story to beguile
She clearly loved her fellow man and help when 'ere she could
If things went wrong and you needed help, you knew that Marti would.

She always had a cheery way and passed that on to us
When life dealt her a lousy hand, she did not make a fuss
She'd look it over and then somehow, she'd find its sunny side
What some would call bad turbulence, she'd call a rocking ride.

And when the end was growing near, she tried to stay upbeat
She took her three week notice as a gift that's bittersweet.
She used the chance to say goodbye and gather family 'round
To reminisce and play some games; to make a joyful sound.

Though sad it is to loose her now, she gave us all so much,
She wouldn't want us to see us cry, but to laugh and joke and such.
So dry off your tears, bring out your smile and let your laughter roar
For Marti now is telling jokes, in line at heaven's door.