We buried mom today.

by Terrance Boult

We buried  mom today.
We did not want to see her go, 
but she really could not stay.
Lung cancer, you see, was killing her. 
Smoking took mom away.

Mom was still too young to die.
But at least she did not suffer long.
and  had a chance to say good-bye.
The next time you to light one up
just stop and ask yourself, why?

They put her in the ground at one.
With the crowd and flowers around
It was a beautiful day in the desert sun.
But I could see hanging all about
was the killer she could not outrun.

My mom was always telling jokes.
and I could not help but think
If only she had given up the smokes
We might be blessed with decades more
of the joy that she evokes.

We were at the wake by two.
Her family and friends where there.
And while I managed to make it through
At times I simply wanted to scream
What is wrong with all of you?

No matter where I seemed to turn
gray ghosts hovered over every butt
and each ash tray seemed an urn,
as so many people smiled witlessly 
while their lungs they chose to burn.

Given what we have at stake
You need to take control.
And those, like me, that don't partake
should take a proactive  roll
to help postpone a premature wake.

The party lasted nigh to midnight.
There was plenty of food and drink
But never I did feel quite right.
For every time I saw her chair
I could not forget the sight

Of mom, lying with her oxygen mask
and struggling to that chair to smoke!
What more evidence could one ask
of how deadly this addiction is.
and why it is attack.

We buried mom today
And I don't want to lose you too
And so to you I pray 
Please quit smoking.
Do it right away!