By Terry Boult

I've studied math sublime
and understand the odds
there never is  a time
to bet against the gods

Let P stand for the chance,
the Probability,
that life 's more than a dance
of neuro-chemistry

Let S stand for the gain
of living as we please
of showing no refrain
of sailing with the breeze

Let T be the time frame
we have to live life free.
The payoff of this game?
         (1 minus P)  S T  

If god does not exist
then what is there to gain?
What pleasure have we missed
that causes no one pain?

The max that this could be,
if god exists or not
is simply S times T.
So what 's the other lot?

If we would choose to seek 
our pleasure at all cost
we ought to take a peak
at we may have lost

Some say the cost is hell
with torture, fire and pain
others say that we'll dwell
as bugs in life's refrain

The outlook  's poor at best
but how long will it last?
It might be worth a test
if it is over fast.

Religions old and new
grant god eternity.
From Christian, Islam, Jew,
through  Aborigine

Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu,
all share a common theme
restraint  in what  we do
pays in the endless scheme

Even if you think that P
is small as small can be
Infinity times  P
is still infinity

If life is eternal
then there is much to win
If hell is infernal
there is quite a price for sin
If you bet  we've just  one shot,
that most  religion 's wrong,
one life is all we've got
which isn't very long

If your life long plan
is totally carefree
If you bet that human
 is all we'll ever be

If you demand hard proof
If you thing faith 's all wet
If you think god 's aloof
and science is your bet

The bets had better be
with total certainty.
Infinity times  P
is still infinity

Do the details differ 
in how to find one's way?
To whom should we refer
for what god has to say?

The answer to this quest
depends on what you read.
And billions will attest
their's is "the god" to heed.

If one region 's right
and all the others wrong
then most will face a fright
when death does come along

Could  God be oddly cruel
to condemn most mankind?
Or is that just a tool
of man's controlling mind?

If god is fair and just,
he cannot punish those
who placed eternal trust
in faiths that billions chose.

A faith that says you must
convert or go to hell
betrays eternal trust
their worldly  power to sell 

Throughout history we have failed
with Churches left and right
Our  "jihads" have derailed
the search for truth and light

But if you say THEIR  wrong
be careful how you flame
even if the proof is strong
judgment 's  a risky  game

The proof had better be
with total certainty.
Infinity times  P
is still infinity