Songs Sung by the Psyche

    by Terrance Boult

Songs sung by the psyche in cadence so sublime.
Feelings flying freely in rhythm and in rhyme.
A poem isn't merely black ink upon a page, 
it's love felt so dearly or terrifying rage.

Silence slowly smothers what 's deep inside of me.
I write not for others; poems are my therapy!
They give my love a voice when I am feeling shy;
articulate each choice when I am not sure why.

They firm up each feeling that rattles round inside;
keeping me from reeling on hormones fast paced ride.
When disappointments fall, rhymes buffer up my soul;
when anger's sirens call, rhymes bind me with their toll.

When stress builds up at work, poems let me blow some steam.
If someone acts a jerk,  writing brings back my beam.
Who can dwell on regret or failed accomplishment,
as rhythm sings "forget" to rhymes accompaniment 

So when you're not quite sure exactly what to do
Poems may be the cure for all that ails you.
The songs of the psyche are those of feelings true
sung to the melody of what's inside of you.

Accepted for Publication (1997) in:
  Sound of Poetry