I am a Techo-Gadget Geek

By Terry Boult

I am a techno gadget geek I write upon  my palm,
and in the gigabytes I seek a bit of inner calm.
To keep my work under control and track what I've to do,
to free my mind from data droll, my phone comes shining through.

My work day life is now in sync and names are near at hand.
I share with friends a data link.  E-fficiency is grand!
As a teaching techno gadget geek I'm infinitely sure
If your synchronicity seams weak The NET provides the  cure.

In days of old, or so I'm told all mail was penned  in ink
And airmail stamps were often sold to make a quicker link
Electronically the new world writes  Email  does fly for free.
My mail fills up 8 gigabytes, and dates from eighty-three!

I put appointments in datebook and don't take time to think
How silly to the world I look, Note taking without ink.
As a techno gadget geek, I feel the gain is worth the price. 
To save an hour every week is really very nice.

My phone holds 10000 names and meetings for a year
Amazing how this techno tames dyslexia-based fear.
Text messages are just a start, there calenders, note, to-do
and other apps to fill your cart with syncing through and through.

I'm always just a call away. E-mailing on the run.
Today's phones make one say, web surfing is such fun.
My colleagues, think its neat, and update their daily tour
with IMs walls and tweets with syncing door to door!

If you don't  have a PDA, a smart phone, or laptop,
this is a call to see the way,to get out there and shop.
I am a techno gadget geek, in touch and in control.
Its to these benefits I speak; their virtues I extol!