UnConstratined College Students

This database has been replaced by our openset face recognition challenge
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To see about the new dataset release and its licensing.

The original database is available only to US institutions and with very restricted access. You can still contact us for information.

About the database:

We provide unconstrained, open set face recognition database, which exhibits the properties of operational face recognition scenarios. This is the release 1 of the database and consists of 6,337 images from 308 individuals.


Examples of a frame and cropped faces.
Images are acquired using Canon 7D camera fitted with Sigma 800mm F5.6 EX APO DG HSM lens. The camera is placed inside an office room and is focused on the outdoor sidewalk at 100m distance from the office room, resulting in 18 Megapixels scene images. Images are captured at an interval of 100msec, resulting in around 10 pictures of a person at different focal points, with multiple views and expressions at each particular interval. The chances of the same person appearing in front of the camera the next day at the same interval is high. For example, a student taking Monday-Wednesday classes at 12:30 PM will show up in the camera on almost every Monday and Wednesday. This results in multiple sequences of an individual on multiple days. The images contain various weather conditions such as sunny versus snowy days. They also contain various occlusions such as sunglasses, winter caps, fur jackets, etc., and occlusion due to tree branches, poles, etc.

Baseline Algorithms:


Openset Recognition


K-Means Clustering



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